Striptease Dancer

Strip-tease dancer sells the body beauty, dance at balcony or at grand stand consoles and satisfy eye ” sinner” . usually served in bighttime, in the shining evening, escorted music that boom out escort body dance tempts, sometimes complete dress but minimum, or even without a lef of thread even also at the body.

Strip-tease dancer, obvious bot merely woman as tempter, but there also man. depending which communities that gather, sometimes only mans with girl dancer, and guy dancer with communities girls, or guy dancer with class communities gay and on the contrary. passionate once. . . .

Strip-tease dancer with club special, here you are more passionate! ! ! ! !

Dancer that display body beauty and woman good section or man very tempt, make blood swishes to hold back lust, even less at luxurious club. falvour aroma increase bright, increase lost in as in nirvana. . . . . . .

While turned that beauty there rotten aroma at disperse although losts to because eye, nose and especially heart has been closed oelh fragrant sin. . . . .

Now, that also that being showed by” strip-tease dancer” : member dpr that drunk. With take shelter at the opposite of law, they try to close all rot with luxurious cars bersliweran, with winsome strong costume, and have office at Senayan. while some of they are very rotten, say to defend people, defend oppressed ones, defend nation child, lift nation level. . . . . .

Again, rotten! ! ! !

I don’t know dirty game even less that they (strip-tease dancers) will show in we. corruption nest that protected UU, KPK opposed, even less people certain it cheated twice raw. . . . .

Let us watch strip-tease dancer Senayan, rotten in the end be seen also! ! !


Tentang kasmadi74

Pengelana yang terus berjalan, kadang berhenti di tepi jalan, menenggelamkan diri di samudra dan terbang bersama elang mengangkasa mensyukuri kenikmatan yang disajikan Alloh.
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